Terms and Conditions

1. Shipping of Items

Shipping company

All physical items will be shipped through Australia Post (https://auspost.com.au/) standard shipping for both Domestic (within Australia) and International deliveries.

Shipping times

Shipping times will vary. You will receive a shipping notice from Australia Post and you can track your item through their website.

Handling of Items

Items will take up to 3 days to be shipped from StoryBoard Production Australia. If you have any questions regarding shipping times and the handling of your production and packaging used for our shipping, please contact StoryBoard Production Australia:

E: nathan@storyboardproduction.com.au

W: www.storyboardproduction.com.au

Where do we deliver to?

We deliver to anywhere that import restrictions are not applied on our products. If you purchase an item and we are not able to deliver due to your region’s import restrictions we will issue you a full refund on the product. Please see our Refund Policy.

Digital Products

Digital products are made available by download upon purchase. Digital items produced by StoryBoard Production Australia are the property of StoryBoard Production Australia and must not to be distributed under any circumstances.

2. Returns Policy

Item Returns

You do not need to return any items to StoryBoard Production Australia. Any items that are damaged or that are wrongly shipped, need only photographic evidence to qualify for a full refund. Please see below what qualifies you for a full refund. Once items that have been damaged or wrongly shipped are verified, then we will process any refunds for which you are qualified.

What qualifies for a full refund?

  • Import restrictions (in the destination country) that prevent StoryBoard Production Australia from shipping the product internationally.
  • Damaged items (See definition of damaged items below).
  • Wrongly shipped items (if we ship the wrong item to you).

Contact details for refunds:

E: nathan@storyboardproduction.com.au

Damaged Items

All items will be packaged by StoryBoard Production Australia and we will ensure that we take care of your item/s before they are shipped. Damaged items in this policy relates to when the packaging has been damaged in transit, which as resulted in damage to the items shipped.

Digital Products

Digital products are non-refundable, and it is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the product specifications are aligned with camera footage specifications of the user.

Enquiries and Complaints

For enquiries about digital product refunds or physical item refunds, complaints or any other queries, contact:

E: nathan@storyboardproduction.com.au