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Netball is fast, dynamic and as much about the mind as it is the body. The game is rapidly evolving and has become a spectacle in many countries, with over 20 million players globally. People are attending or tuning in now more than ever, but away from the lights, camera and action is another netball movement. Men’s Netball. It is already getting passionate fans to their feet. It is elite. It is state versus state. Nation versus nation. Yet, there are no major partners or sponsors and no major TV deals. If you watched the Australian men’s team take on the New Zealand men’s team, you might be wondering why there’s not. Men’s netball is a melting pot of commercial opportunity.

The Facts – INdependent Research

Research in 2019 conducted by Roy Morgan* revealed that male’s make up one third of the total audience cohort watching the professional women’s netball, The Suncorp Super Netball League. This equates to approximately half a million men.In 2020, Netball Australia conducted a State of the Game Review**, which most notably highlighted the massive growth of men playing netball across Australia – up 28% between 2016-2019. This is highest rate of growth for any male sport in Australia (page 27).And, according to a major sports insurance group, the number of netball players covered in 2018 by insurance in Australia showed there are an additional 2.4 million social netball players, compared to the 1.2 million players in traditional clubs. The majority of these social netball teams are mixed, indicating that there is a large audience of males playing netball in Australia.

*Roy Morgan study
**State of the Game Review

Why Support this Documentary?

Rising to the Occasion is a world first and we are leading this movement. We are currently in talks with distribution to cover Australia, NZ and the UK. It is our mission to unearth and unleash men’s netball to the world. This is your opportunity to support the movement, to add your brand into a completely untapped market. You will become a pioneer contributor that gives us the ability to expose this movement through documenting the ‘blood, sweat and tears’ and cost of men playing netball at the elite level.

The Documentary Film

This documentary offers an intriguing view into the world of men’s netball, exploring dedication, commitment, athleticism, discrimination & adversity. The personal stories within the documentary are moving and inspiring, revealing the hidden truths behind men’s netball. We have some heavyweights in the netball industry, who broaden the documentary’s appeal and in turn, bring diversity of opinion and transcend gender roles. We explore the unique challenges, misconceptions and bullying boys and men continue to face whilst aspiring to greatness in what was once a female dominated sport.

The forever evolving and progressive world of sport means there are significantly more pathways and opportunities for women to become elite players in AFL, Rugby, Cricket and Soccer just to name a few, and more focus on equality and diversity at all levels of these sports. This begs the question, why do we not see the same pathways, endorsements, funding and support afforded to elite male netball players in return? And why are boys still being told that they cannot play netball at a local club level because they are boys? It’s a sobering thought.

Rising to the Occasion aims the floodlight on this topic as we explore uncharted territory to understand who is responsible for the outdated approach to sport which continues to discriminate against males.

“Imagine a female being told, ‘Sorry, you can’t play AFL, or you can’t play cricket past this age’, you’d certainly hear about it.”

Natalie Medhurst

Image: Natalie Medhurst – ©Rising to the Occasion

Who we feature

The documentary explores these themes through the insights of key elite male netball players and coaches who compete at the national and international level. We also hear from highly regarded female netball sports professionals, Sue Gaudion, Lisa Alexander AM, Natalie Medhurst and Bianca Chatfield on the barriers facing men in the sport.

Sue Gaudion is a popular media personality and netball commentator for Wide World of Sports. She is a highly respected elite netball coach, most recently with the West Coast Fever Netball national team. Her insight into the sport is diverse, honest, and insightful.

Lisa Alexander AM is a former Australian Diamonds Coach (2011-2020) and AIS Sport Performance Awards Coach of the Year for 2014. Lisa comes with decades of knowledge as an elite player and coach, with a deep respect for the men’s side of the game.

Natalie Medhurst is a retired Australian Diamonds player and three-time World Champion. Natalie experienced training with the elite men’s teams through her years and knows too well the benefit they are to the game.

“The standard of which our elite men play, is a real challenge for our Suncorp Super Netball athletes.”

Sue Gaudion

Exposure of men’s netball

The exposure of the documentary, as well as men’s netball across Australia, New Zealand and the UK has been increasing exponentially in recent months with calls to include the sport in the 2032 Olympics recently announced to be held in Brisbane. It means that men’s netball would also grow exponentially over the next decade in a bid to guarantee netball can be played on the largest sporting stage in the world. There has been significant media interest in the documentary from around Australia, most notably through ABC national media, the Sports Entertainment Network (SEN), and other podcast platforms.


We are seeking sponsorship to our ongoing production costs. We will ensure that your brand is visible to this new emerging market through the release of Rising to the Occasion. You will have your brand in front of the largest audience men’s netball has seen globally in history.

Our distributor has earmarked this documentary as a key piece in the sporting documentary landscape and will release the documentary to a variety of audiences, starting with theatrical release from early 2022, then through broadcast and video-on-demand (VOD) within 2-6 months following theatrical release.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this proposal.

If you have any questions or if you are interested in investment options,  please contact us at director@risingtotheoccasion.com.au

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We’ll keep you updated with all the behind the scenes and stories behind the players you’ll see in the documentary. But we’ll save the best for the documentary!