We provide end-to-end video production. This means that you can work with StoryBoard Production from concept development to final product. Because we understand filming and editing, you can be sure that we will be able to execute your concept from the start to finish.

Developing Your Concept

We want to make sure that your video or promotion communicates to your audience clearly, and that it has a clear concept. What business objective are you trying to achieve or what message are you trying to convey? Through developing the concept, script and storyboard with you we will design content that communicates your brand in a way that cuts through all the marketing.

Filming and Editing

We bring our filming expertise to the table to ensure that we are working efficiently with you and still produce amazing content for your videos. The beauty of working on your video from concept development to final product is that we can work efficiently through the filming process and post production editing, which will save you time and money in the end.

Editing is where we create the style of the video and where the concept comes to life. In our studio we bring together the amazing project ideas, the filming, mixed with skilled editing, graphics and animations to produce unique and stunning content to communicate your story or your brand to your audience.

Live streaming & Recording

We can provide multi-cam live streaming and recording of your live streams without all the fuss. We use our high quality professional cameras so you know that you are delivering the best quality footage to your customers.

We have skills in post production colour grading, video graphics and logo animations. Adding these elements to your video will make it stand out from the crowd and we use these elements to add to your story.

Whether you want photography for your event or want and video and photography package for your promotion, we can provide a package quote for you. Contact us for more information about our event photography, and video and photography packages.

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If you want music composition for your next documentary or short film, StoryBoard Production can produce the soundtrack for your next film. Because we understand video production and film, we also understand the importance of the balance the visual with the sound and music elements to effectively communicate the story to viewers. StoryBoard Production can help with your next production!