Rising to the Occasion is a world first documentary about men’s netball, full of ‘blood, sweat and tears’ as we take a look into the fast-paced sport of men’s netball. It is our mission to unearth and unleash men’s netball to the world.

This documentary offers an intriguing view into the world of men’s netball, exploring dedication, commitment, athleticism, discrimination & adversity. The personal stories within the documentary are moving and inspiring, revealing the hidden truths behind men’s netball. Some of these stories are being told publicly for the very first time.

Rising to the Occasion is a celebration of the men’s netball, a celebration of diversity and a story of passion and dedication. We explore the unique challenges, misconceptions and bullying boys and men continue to face whilst aspiring to greatness in what was once a female dominated sport. The importance of each of their journeys lies in the history that came before them and the legacy they will leave for future generations.

Featuring the voice of netball in Australia, Sue Gaudion, this is a documentary not to miss.

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The Trailer

The speed, skill and high energy will leave you wanting to see more!

Our Journey

We started this journey to showcase men’s netball on a big stage, and show the world how skilful, fast-paced and exciting it is to watch. But we have been so inspired by all player’s that we have met, their commitment and passion for the sport and how they have overcome many barriers to play at the top level of the sport.

Our hope is that this documentary will inspire a groundswell of support for the development of the men’s side of the sport at the local level and the elite level. The player stories provide a backdrop to the underlying theme of equality in sport, but from a male perspective in a sport which is predominantly considered a female sport to this day.

We want people to get behind this cause, recognise the change that can be made in the sporting world through highlighting just one of the many barriers to equality. In doing this we can really shift the conversation about fairness, equality and access in the sporting world. Netball has a real opportunity to showcase was true equality looks like in sport. Will we see this a change?

Why is this important?

The top International elite male netball players still to this day contribute 100% to their player costs. The players train and compete at an elite level pushing their bodies and bank balance to the limit. Beyond raising money to support the production of this film, we would love to raise awareness of the dedication of these athletes and their contribution to the sport of netball, and hopefully attract some significant investors to help men’s netball step onto the professional stage where it belongs.

Men’s netball also has a significant and fast-growing interest in Australia amongst male audiences, according to a recent Roy Morgan study*.

And recently, the State of the Game Review** conducted by Netball Australia outlined the massive growth of men playing netball across Australia – up 28% between 2016-2019 which is the highest rate of growth for any sport for men in Australia.

*Roy Morgan Research

**State of the Game Review


The Goal Circle – podcast interview

The Netty Life – podcast interview

Centre Court interview

The Netball Post interview

Centre Court – Interview with Bianca Chatfield and Ash Brazill

What is takes to be an elite male netballer!

What’s the biggest myth about netball?

Behind the Scenes with Taylor & Liam

Meet the Creative Team

Director and Producer

Nathan Dart

With over 10 years’ experience in communications, video and event production, Nathan Dart launched his production business in 2019 and has been director and owner of StoryBoard Production Australia since, through which he manages full end-to-end video production.

He is a visual storyteller who brings a diverse range of skills into video production to communicate to any audience type. With a passion for storytelling, he will bring this perspective into directing Rising to the Occasion, to show the stories behind the sport he loves, to bring the stories behind men’s netball to the screen.

Production Manager and Co-Producer

Agathe Vandermeir

Agathe, a French-Australian, did not know anything of netball until introduced to the sport a few years ago and was fascinated by the strong team element and camaraderie within netball. With an outside perspective, she will bring a unique angle and insight into the how the stories around men’s netball will be told through the documentary.

Also, with an MBA, Agathe will bring her strong business management skills and an exceptional eye for detail to her role as Production Manager driving forwards our planning and managing the details behind our production schedule. As our professional photographer on the team, Agathe will also capture and bring you all the behind the scenes moments leading up to the release of the documentary on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Agathe brings many skills to the team and is integral to many parts of this big project.

Executive Director and Assistant-Producer

Brent Ferguson

An experienced Studio Production Director working in the Australian television industry for almost 20 years, Brent has a proven track record in broadcast media through his highly regarded technical and creative skills across a wide variety of formats, having worked on top rating programs including, The Living Room, The Project and The Sunday Project.

Outside of the television industry, Brent is also a NSW Men’s Netball and Australian Representative netball player. Always seeking ways to bring his television career and sporting career together, the opportunity came along to be involved in an unscripted documentary about men’s netball. Seeing this as an exciting format of storytelling, Brent has taken on the advisory role of Executive Director, using his directing experience to bring this sport to a different audience and tell the stories of men’s netball in a different light.

Follow the Journey

We’ll keep you updated with all the behind the scenes and stories behind the players you’ll see in the documentary. But we’ll save the best for the documentary!